# Review of L&L Skin Facial Products! # L&L Skin is a brand of beauty devices that specializes in skin care from Amorepacific, which operates many popular Korean cosmetic brands such as HERA, IOPE, and LANEIGE. I'm going to review L&L Skin's detailed functions, how to use it, and the effects of using it for six months. **1) It's just so easy and simple!** The [L&L Skin facial device](https://www.llskin.jp/) has a diagnostic mode that diagnoses your skin condition in about 3 seconds and recommends a suitable care menu for it. With just one click, you can choose from four different menus: "Moisture Care," "Glow Care," "Elasticity Care," and "Sensitive Care," so even those with sensitive skin can use this facial device with peace of mind. It takes only 3 minutes to apply the device, and it can be operated with the touch of a button, so even people who are not good at operating machines or are just plain annoying can continue to use it! **2) Light and compact size for ease of use** L&L Skin's [facial device](https://www.amazon.com/SKIN-Massager-Lifting-Massage-Wrinkles/dp/B09KMPDST8) is compact and lightweight, unlike other ordinary facial devices. There is also a special pouch that comes with the facial device, so it is convenient to take it with you to your accommodation. In any case, it is easy to hold and light enough that your arms won't get tired! **3) Good hygiene, good battery life** The skin contact surface of the L&L Skin facial device is flat, so it can be wiped clean and hygienic. It is rechargeable and can be used over and over again, and you can use it about 10 times on a single charge! I recommend this product because it is much easier to clean up and recharge than other facial care products. This makes it easy for busy people to continue using it every day! ## What is the effect of using this product after 6 months. ## First of all, the effect you can feel right after using it is that the surface of your skin becomes smooth! As for the feel of the product, even with my sensitive skin, there is almost no tingling or pain, and I can only feel the fine vibrations of the facial device. However, if you don't have enough moisture in your skin, it will tingle, so I recommend applying it on top of a sheet mask or applying more lotion while gliding the device over your face. After using it for 3 minutes once a day after taking a bath for 6 months, I found that the smoothness of the skin surface that I felt immediately after using the product has continued, and the pores around my nose have become much tighter and less noticeable. It removes dirt that cannot be removed with face wash and daily care, and the blackheads seem to have faded! That's all I have to say about this review of the effects and feel of the [L&L Skin facial lift massager](https://www.llskin.jp/products/mio2/). I got it with the previous Qoo10 mega discount, and it came with a lot of free samples of HERA and LANEIGE as extras, which was quite a bargain! The regular price is a bit expensive, but the discount rate is huge, so if you're interested in this product, please take this opportunity to get it.